Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I don't know nothing about no Afghanistan!

Hey everyone...actually, let me start over, because since I haven't been around for a few months, "everyone" might be a stretch.

So, I am not a professional blogger, just a girl with some free time and thoughts and my free time (thank you Lord!) has all but disappeared in the past few months. In other words, I got a job!

Before I start in on Afghanistan, I just have to say that I don't give a farthing, a fig newton, a rat's patootie nor a good gosh darn about Tiger Woods, Elin Woods or his mistress. Who the hell cares? Certainly not this Black American, non-White, non-Cabalinasian, non-Swedish nanny, non-Blond woman. Nope, not me! Whew, okay I feel better!

I also want to admit that I didn't watch Obama's speech last night. I was on the plane and I decided to watch Terminator Salvation instead. I think subconsciously, I wanted to see a movie about armageddon instead of watch a speech about it.

Listen, I don't know nothing about nobody's Afghanistan. I promise. And it is not for lack of trying. I have been reading about the war, Iran, Iraq, the middle east and Afghanistan for the past few years, and admittedly, I have been reading newspapers (all of them), the Huffington Post and TIME. So no, I have not been reading books and studying as though I were about to present a dissertation on the subject. What I realize is that the situation is so very complicated, so very rife with opinions presented as fact, and with a long and twisted history, that I feel it is almost impossible to have anything other than a cursory understanding of the subject.

So, I don't know what to say about the subject except to say that I think that President Obama is making a grave error. And I don't know what the answer is. It has been said so many times that if we leave it will only strengthen our enemies, that even I believe it. Apparently, so does President Obama. However, the logic remains that we are in someone else's country, and it stands to reason that the longer we are there, the longer the fighting to GET US OUT will continue.

I am concerned for our service men and women. I am concerned for their families. And I am very concerned about the future of Barack Obama's presidency. If we are still at war in three years, then Barack Obama will not win a second term. But, I will sit tight. I will do what I can to support my troops and support my president for however long he holds office. I just wish I could shake the feeling that the dream is over. That it only took less than a year for the dream of a new future, of true change in Washington, to crumble at the feet of an impossible war.

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