Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Visible Woman

So, I am creating this blog the way that I am taking on creating my life.  Originally, I thought about all sorts of race/culture specific names like The Invisible Woman, Mammies and Mulatresses, Why Don't Y'all like Black Women? (that last one is a joke, but I thought about it).  And, most of the ones that I wanted were taken.  

I settled on something like Mammy and Mulatress but it never really clicked.  Then I got inspired one day to actually start blogging (today actually) and then it hit me. This blog is about creation.  Indeed, life is about creation, and when things get really bad, life is about being responsible for creating your life in the face of whatever circumstances present themselves at the moment.  Which is why The Visible Woman jumped out at me.  Because why name my blog something that only reinforces what is already so? And, it was available.  

This blog is about the creation of things as I think they should be, want them to be, need them to be.  All the while, giving myself permission to discuss and even, from time to time, allow myself to lament things as they are.  But the title is my reminder to always be in the act of creation.  Always keep a context for the circumstances so that I remember that the power is over here, with me.  Responsibility is power.  To be responsible simply requires declaring oneself responsible.  Pretty simply right.  Easy, even.  

That said, I will from time to time, talk about race in America.  And more often than not, I will talk about things from the perspective of Black Women Artists.  And all the things that affect us.  Weaves, perms, press and curls, kinky curls, skin color, make up, scripts, other artists, the lack of artistry, White men, white people, White women, Asians, Asian hair, Oprah, sisterhood, the lack of sisterhood, love, men, Black men, etc.

And selfishly, I hope that the act of writing and venting and creating help me to be a better person.  Someone who doesn't want to tear her hair out when she sees the injustices of the world all around.  Or someone who doesn't have to take to her bed for a week simply when she doesn't get what she wants.  Here's to creation!


  1. Hi there!

    Congrats on the new blog!!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  2. Thanks Lisa!

    You are my FIRST comment ever! Thank you sista! You will always hold a special place for me as I continue on this Blog journey!

    Peace and blessings to you!